Get the optimal route for each tour!

Let your customers dispose their fleets quicker, more efficiently and save their time for what really matters – their business!

At a Glance

Tour planning and optimizing is more than just determining the optimal sequence for execution for a list of destinations. The full potential is only achieved when destinations are assigned to the optimal resources in the optimal order at the same time. Restrictions imposed by the company, time and legal restrictions must be taken into account and integrated into the planning.

Complex VRP solving

More than mere route optimization. Destinations and vehicles are considered in their entirety. Optimizing the assignment of orders to vehicles and the order in which they are processed can only achieve maximum potential if they are optimized together.

Save time on the street or in the office

Whether it’s minimizing time and distance on the road, maximizing the number of customers to serve, or simply reducing the time and effort required to dispatch the fleet. With our optimization, any goal can be achieved.

Save Fuel, reduce Wear & minimize Carbon Footprint

With shorter routes or a higher amount of served customers, the cost, the wear and the carbon footprint per destination are reduced immediately.

Provided as SaaS

We are fully focused on optimizing the optimizer. Therefore, no graphical user interface distracts us from our passion. Our services are delivered in a software-as-a-service approach. Easy to integrate, highly available and pay-as-you-go.


Thanks to our research at the University of Cologne and over 50 man-years of experience in logistics and tour optimizations we provide an effective and flexible optimization solver.


  • Depot

  • Working hours

  • Skills

  • Costs for application, per meter, per second

  • Vehicle type (Car/HGV)

  • Maximum load

  • Different load types i.e. weight and volume or compartments


  • Geocoordinates

  • Time window
    beta: multiple time windows

  • Required skills

  • Loads needed

  • Estimated duration for execution

Use Cases

CEP – Courier, Express and
Parcel Services

Vehicles leave the depot with cargo and deliver to a number of destinations.

Restrictions considered:

  • Opening hours of the destinations
  • Working hours
  • Maximum car load
  • Special requirements, e.g. cold chain
  • Vehicle types

Bulky Waste

Special requirements in the area of access restrictions, as well as the disposal of vehicles are to be taken into account.

Restrictions considered:

  • Maximum Load
  • Optimal planning of disposals during a tour
  • Access restrictions and special privileges


Various types of services to be performed on site,
e.g. janitorial, repair or care services.

Restrictions considered:

  • Service time at site
  • Working hours
  • Required skills, i.e. electricians